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Mistakes To Avoid In Web Development

It is an undeniable fact that web development has gone through a lot of makeovers and has witnessed a lot of developments in various aspects. The requirement of the end user has changed, and the developers have also adopted various techniques to cater to their needs.

Even though there is a drastic development, there are a lot of mistakes that will occur during the development process. At the end of the day, we are humans, and it is impossible to be flawless. The thing about web development is that even simple mistakes can have a huge impact. Hence it will be a lot better if we can avoid some common mistakes in the web development procedure.

Using non-responsive design

Not using responsive web design is definitely one of the stupidest things that any developer can do at this point in time. The first and the most important thing is that the end user will find it a lot difficult to navigate through the site. Simple things like clicking the buttons, reading the content and scrolling will be very difficult. Even though testing in emulators is enough, you can be a hundred percent sure if it is tested with real devices.

Using website builder tools

There are a lot of companies that offer some amazing website builder tools. Even though the site looks great, the biggest and the most important issue is with the backend tools. Every addition that is made in the site has a lot of coding lines which will make the site slow down. There are good possibilities that some of the critical functions might get affected. A better option, when compared to using website builder tools, is to either use content management services like WordPress or Joomla.

Using outdated HTML

Nostalgia has its values but not when it comes to web development. If you are in this field, it is mandatory for you to keep up with the trends and keep yourself updated. Using the older version not only increases the number of lines but also causes some issues in the layouts in some of the latest browser updates. Using the latest version of the tool is more like a thumb rule when it comes to web development. If you consider HTML, in particular, it is better to use the latest version of CSS3 for content layout designing.

Cross-browser compatibility issues

We all know for a fact that there was a time when Internet Explorer was the only browser available. That is not the case now. There are a lot of browsers in the market like Chrome, Firefox and a lot more. So before launching, it is mandatory that proper testing is carried out and make sure that it functions in the targeted browsers.


Best Web Development Tools

In just a short span of time, web development tools have come a long way. The development in this sector has benefitted various businesses. It has not just resulted in developing responsive designs, but it has also enabled us to develop a lot of their things because of the constantly improving vision control systems. There are a lot of browser add-ons and plugins that contribute a lot to the workflow.

Since there are a lot of tools available for web development, it could be a difficult task to decide the right one to get the job done. In this article, we will see some of the web development tools.

Chrome Developer Tools

Our first choice is the Chrome Developer Tools. It is very obvious that it will clinch the top spot as it is a product from the tech giant Google. It has a lot of great features like real-time HTML and CSS editing, JavaScript debugging and a lot more. If you are a Mac user, do not worry. It is also available in Safari. One of the important things that you should keep in mind is that Google releases an update every six weeks. So it is important to check it out and stay updated.


The year 2006 witnessed one of the greatest developments in the field as jQuery a cross-platform JavaScript library came into play. The main aim of jQuery is to simplify the front end process. There were a lot of complications before that because of browser inconsistencies and moreover there were a lot of hurdles in the workflow. jQuery provided the platform to create lots of animation, adding plug-ins and a lot more.



One of the biggest issues in the web development process is screwing up while working on a new project feature. If you are using GitHub, you can roll out the project in the service and take a view of the changes that have been made. It also provides the feature of going back to the previous state with which the mistakes can be corrected.  The popularity of GitHub is gradually increasing as many employers are looking for people who are skilled in it.

Twitter Bootstrap

If you are into front end development, you would have noticed that the same patterns are being repeated. Rather than typing it, again and again, it would be a lot better if these UI frameworks can be converted into reusable modules. The most commonly used framework is Bootstrap. It is a great UI package that was developed by Twitter. By using Bootstrap a considerable amount of time can be saved.

Angular js

Angular js is a product developed by Google that provides the opportunity to extend the application’s HTML syntax. As a result, a better development environment is provided. Some feel that data binding makes it a bit messy for non separated code. But there are no second thoughts on the fact that it is a valuable skill for frontend development.